The Brutally Honest Critics


Hello world good to talk to you after such a long break! Today we have a bit of a treat for you guys! We have a up and coming musician straight out of Columbia that goes by the name Achiote! With songs like the “El Forastero”, a remake of “Nothing Compares to You” with a heavy Columbian sound, and the single “no se de ti”, this solo artist will transport you with his soulful voice out to some deserted isle to lose yourself. We here at The Jester’s Court are very excited to see what is coming next from Achiote. Hopefully we will hear a lot more original songs from him to get swept away with. So now onward with our rating. We give Achiote a very fair 3 out of 10 stars. 🌟🌟🌟why three you ask? We will oblige in telling you. A lot of the sounds from the instruments we heard being played in the songs are very beginning / intermediate sounding. The instruments volume also seem to actually take away from the enjoyment and quality of the songs. For instance, there is what sounds like a keyboard that is being played in one song we heard. The balance of this keyboard to voice and the other instruments is very, well, unbalanced. Certain instruments will overpower everything in a song, like this keyboard that we mentioned. It drowns out everything else and compromises the desired effect of the song completely. But that’s not to say that the songs are not good. Because his voice is amazing! We all agree that with the right blend of instruments we can very easily see Achiote becoming a huge phenomenon. Especially if he writes more of his own music! Hopefully he will keep us here at the Court posted on any new songs and albums as they are made available so that we can then keep you all updated on his progress. We have very high hopes for this young soloist. If you want to listen for you’re self you can take a listen at,



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